SG Support Profile in Hong Kong

Hong Kong's operations started in April 2010, and 2020 marks our 10th anniversary of supporting non-profits in Hong Kong!

Unit 2002, 20/F, The Hennessy, 256 Hennessy Road, Wan Chai, Hong Kong

At the start of the pandemic, Hong Kong reported low cases of COVID-19, which supported the continuation of fundraising activities in the market. As fundraising in the market continued throughout 2020, with minimal disruption, SG Support's non-profit partners did not see sharp or consistent drops in the recruitment of new donors. Coupled with a steady attrition rate, SG Support's non-profit partners in Hong Kong experienced some growth in 2020 (albeit lower than the originally projected growth pre-COVID-19).

Moving forward, non-profits in Hong Kong would need to look at the start of building alternative acquisition channels to mitigate potential disruptions to Face-to-Face acquisition activities in the future.



  • One of the few SG supported markets that recorded a growth in donor base size in 2020.
  • Face-to-Face acquisition agencies are aplenty in Hong Kong. This allowed non-profits to work with several agencies as their Face-to-Face partners, securing donor acquisition growth.


  • High cost of new alternative acquisition channels makes it difficult to test new strategies.
  • Limited alternative acquisition channels could be set up, which may impact the coming years.

Growth over the years

Active Base

Number of donors actively contributing gifts as of Year-End

Net Growth

Donor base growth from the Start of the Year to Year-End

Approval Rate by First Debit

Percentage of donors successfully transacted on their first debit

Percentage of donors successfully transacted on their second debit and onwards

2020 in Numbers


Donor Ratio

Percentage of Donors Cancelled over New Donors acquired

HKD 187

USD 24

Average Gift HKD / USD

Average monthly contribution (gift) per donor

26 months

Average Lifespan

Average number of months a donor will give to a cause they love

HKD 4,674

USD 603

Lifetime Value (LTV) HKD / USD

Estimated total contribution of a donor to their chosen cause



Moving into 2021, it is suggested for non-profits in Hong Kong to optimise resources in increasing acquisition. Some efforts we could look at (but are not limited to):

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Who is SG Support?

SG Support exists to make fundraising easy for charities by working in partnership to acquire new donors, retain existing ones and win back those who have left. We do this through our complete suite of services that range from providing data-driven strategies, consultancy and ensuring the smooth running of the operational aspects of payment processing, contact centre and financial reporting.

Since our establishment in 2002, we have grown to become the world’s largest fundraising agency working with 70 charities in more than 14 countries, managing over 3 million donors.